NYU Program

Year One

The overall goal of Year One is to orient our students towards a complex understanding of what theater is and to challenge, interrogate and explore what theater can be.

We are committed to unleashing our students’ full potential as future theater makers and collaborators. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, inviting them to examine –and practice—each theatrical medium. We introduce and explore a variety of theater processes and assign each student to engage in multiple roles, as performers, designers, directors, choreographers, writers, and managers.

The lab structure is symbiotic and students quickly learn to synthesize the work from all of their classes. Year One focuses on establishing the fundamental collaboration skills that serves as the foundation of theatre making. Each section becomes a company. Students are required to work collaboratively on virtually every assignment. They are encouraged to take risks and try out as many ideas as possible. They learn how to support their group’s developmental process by engaging in constructive feedback sessions.